Moxie's Fanfiction

Hey! Here's the hub for my (Moxie's) fanfiction. Eventually I'll divide it into categories, but for now, it's just all here.

Not every fanfic is hosted here yet! I've written a TON of fanfiction, some works being tens of thousands of words long, and I'm still working on getting all of it up.



Works in Progress

Lego City Adventures: the Lock and the Key

Summary: Upon opening the Mars door, Tippy gains the power of a god and takes the whole city to Paradoors. Harl tries to talk to him and convince him to put everything back to normal, but he's going to need help to do it. Warnings for violence & character death; additional warnings before each chapter.

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The Lego Movie: Green Ninja

The Lego Movie: Sirius Business

Lego Ninjago: Bifurcation

Summary: Krux had no reason to believe he was a twin. Twins brought doom and destruction to the realm – if he had been a twin, surely he would've been killed as a baby, just as he was called to kill the twins of Maya and Ray. But when the truth is revealed, Krux drops everything to join with Maya, Ray, and their twin children, and search for his missing sibling. Warnings for violence & character death in future chapters.

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Lego Ninjago: drinking from the river

The Lego Ninjago Movie: Blood is Thicker than Water, but so is Sludge and Tar and the Horrible Coffee Dad Tried to Make One Time

The Lego Ninjago Movie: Past Time

Pokémon: Gnosia Stella Coronae

Spiderverse (2018): the Haunting of Olivia Octavius

Completed Works

Lego City Adventures: Fall From Space

The Lego Movie: a Piece of Rebellion

Lego Ninjago: Bucket List

Summary: After finding Morro still in Ninjago, long after the Day of the Departed, Kai makes a deal with him: he'll allow Morro to possess him for two weeks, and borrow his body to do all the things the dead teenager didn't get to do when he was alive. Along the way, Kai finds out some unsettling things about his missing teacher, and that he and Morro have more in common than they'd like to admit. Themes of depression and mental health issues; swearing.

Lego Ninjago: Dilara

Summary: After being plagued by dreams of another life, she's going to find out who Dilara was, no matter what it takes.

Lego Ninjago: Earthtones

Lego Ninjago: forgetting the coin for the ferryman

Summary: Morro, newly resurrected, can't stay with the ninja. So Wu calls Cyrus Borg to take him in. History repeats, the Cursed Realm calls, and Lloyd’s attempt to give Morro a second chance has far more consequences than anyone imagined.


Deltarune: Gift Buster

Deltarune: Rules of the Game

Lego City Adventures: Everything She Wanted

Lego City Adventures: Knock Knock

Lego City Adventures: Tippy Doorman Dating Sim

Lego City Adventures: True to Himself

The Lego Movie: Benny Blues

The Lego Movie: the Kids are Alright

The Lego Movie: a Name for Herself

Lego Ninjago: Bright Future

Lego Ninjago: Departed

Lego Ninjago: Getting the Gig

Lego Ninjago: Marks in the Dirt

Lego Ninjago: Of Time and the Healing of Wounds

Lego Ninjago: Remembrance

Lego Ninjago: repeat.

Lego Ninjago: Snow Day

Lego Ninjago: Students, Enemies, Friends

Lego Ninjago: Swamp Creature

Lego Ninjago: Ten Years, Ten Realities

Lego Ninjago: Zephyrus

The Lego Ninjago Movie: Better Than They Were

The Lego Ninjago Movie: five times garmadon told wu he hated him

The Lego Ninjago Movie: stronger together

Pokémon: Deception

Pokémon: Heads or Tails

Pokémon: Naught

Pokémon: why did groudon have to be in an underwater cavern

She-Ra (2018): Birthdays

She-Ra (2018): Keep Your Friends Close

Smile For Me: Dr. Habit's Final Act of Dentistry

Spiderverse (2018): Odd Ones Out

Steven Universe: "Sleepover"

Touhou Project: A Day in the Life of Yuuka Kazami

Touhou Project: Tourist in Hell

Undertale: Child of Dirt

Hiatus; Incomplete

Homestuck: Variations

The Lego Movie: a Piece of Rebellion 2: Batman Boogaloo

The Lego Movie: The World Rebuilding

Steven Universe: Answer the Call

Steven Universe: Intergalactic Dissonance

Touhou Project: Touhou Yukuefumeisha