Reality and Rebirth



Hello, and welcome to Reality and Rebirth, a small fanfiction archive on the internet. Currently, it only hosts my own fanfiction, with plans to allow others' works on an invite-only basis.

My name is Moxie, I'm 26, I use they/them pronouns, and I'm a fan of a lot of cool stuff. I'm the admin and only moderator of this website for now.

Though not open yet, here are the present and future plans for this archive:
The archive will start accepting new authors by invitation only. While every submission will be moderated regardless of who's submitting it, I'm going to start out with only people I trust.
The archive will not host morally abhorrent content. No, this does not mean dark topics cannot be explored in a respectful manner, and no, this is not a slippery slope to censoring LGBT+ content. What this means is that dark topics such as abuse, suicide, assault, etc. must be written with respect to people who are affected by this in the real world, and they cannot be romanticized or used for shock value. I take this very seriously.

Have a good time looking around!